Battle of Hamel VR Experience


Throughout June and July 2018, the Australian War Memorial screened the Battle of Hamel Virtual Reality Experience in its BAE Systems Theatre.

Audiences were offered an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience using the latest in VR technology, putting them at the heart of this key action alongside the Australian and American soldiers who fought there. 

Tanks, aircraft and the trench scarred battlefield were presented in a combination state of the art 3D and 360 degree video. Audiences learned how Sir John Monash meticulously planned the battle before being presented with a choice to continue the experience from the perspective of an infantry soldier, pilot or tank crew. 

Lead VR Developer @ StartVR

  • Leading the VR engineering team
  • Designing reusable systems for the use in all StartVR apps
  • Specifically for Battle of Hamel
    • Design and Implementation of a synced VR playback system
    • Design and Implementation of analytics and control systems
    • Working with artists to design and implement workflow to import Tiltbrush and Houdine exports into a Unity3d scene
    • Combining realtime graphics with prerendered content
    • Stakeholder management


  • Start VR / Australian War Memorial

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