Darkfield VR

Space is more fun with friends! Darkfield was a 4 player CO-OP PvE space shooter with support for the Oculus Rift and standard screens.


  • Mission-Driven Co-Operative Game Modes
  • integrated Holodeck Singleplayer Experience
  • unique Ship Types with Special Abilities and Weapons
  • Free-Roam through Space Stations and Ships
  • Online and LAN – there is no online-DRM and we also provide a dedicated Server
  • Single-band, single-channel short wave radios, basically Walkie Talkies in Space, make communicating with your friends a challenge by itself
  • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Oculus Rift Support and planned support for upcoming devices such as CastAR and Samsung’s GearVR

Lead VR Developer

  • Implementation of VR camera rigs and device support
  • Gameplay Design & Programming
  • Network Programming